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Code of ethics

The ADIAF’s aim is above all to highlight artists on the French scene – French artists or foreign artists residing in France – to uncover significant artists, to accompany them and to support their careers. For this purpose, it seeks to make art lovers and collectors aware of current developments and new forms of expression, and to enable them to discuss discoveries and opinions on contemporary artistic trends.

As part of its activities to promote the French art scene and raise awareness of contemporary art, ADIAF organises numerous events: Marcel Duchamp Prize, exhibitions, debates and symposia, visits to workshops, art centers and museums. Membership of the Association requires its members to respect the rules of conduct that underpin our integrity and ethics.

  • Respect: our humanist values are based on trust and respect for people: consideration, tolerance and absolute rejection of all forms of discrimination, all forms of abuse of influence, and physical and moral harassment.
  • Integrity: no direct or indirect profit must be made from the association’s activities. During ADIAF visits and events, members must refrain from any commercial activity or financial bargaining, particularly with regard to artists or other members.
  • Confidentiality: members undertake not to use, for professional or private purposes, members’ contact details and any other information that may be provided within the framework of ADIAF’s activities.
  • Responsible Social Media Use: in their use of social networks, and if they mention ADIAF in their accounts and/or posts, members are committed to a respectful use, in accordance with the present Code of Ethics. Within their profiles, only elected members (administrators) are authorized by the association to mention ADIAF, specifying their status (administrator, board member, etc.). In case of a partisan publication by one of its members, whether an ordinary member or an elected member of the Board of Directors, the Board may request the removal of any reference to the ADIAF association.

ADIAF members undertake to respect these rules when attending meetings throughout the year during which they are brought into contact with various players in the art world.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Since 25 May 2018, the Regulation No. 2016/679, referred to as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has been in force throughout the European Union.

ADIAF undertakes to secure by strict rules the personal data entrusted by its members, in particular when they join or re-join, and to use them only within the scope of the association’s activities, newsletters, invitations.


“Contributing” members

The members referred to as “contributing members” who take part in the organisation of ADIAF’s activities undertake not to engage in any commercial activity related to the art world, and not to use the association’s initiatives for professional or personal ends. They undertake to act ethically within the framework of ADIAF’s activities, with respect for the other members and external players they meet – particularly artists – and in full compliance with this ADIAF Code of Ethics.


Authors Protection and remuneration

The ADIAF commits itself to be in full compliance with the literary and artistic property rights of artists (authorizations for reproductions and representation of works, remuneration of authors, mention of the names of the artists, copyright, etc). In this framework, ADIAF references annually any diffusion of artworks on its various supports, ADIAF and Marcel Duchamp Prize (exhibition catalogs, exhibition posters, ADIAF website, ADIAF social networks) and, for this diffusion, declares them and remunerates them to the ADAGP (French society for the collection and distribution of copyright in the field of graphic and plastic arts,, for the authors of its repertoire.