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Crédit photo : Hugues Lawson-Body

Born 1986 in Alès – Lives and works in Alès (France)

Represented in France by the Chantal Crousel gallery

Mimosa Echard spent her childhood in a community close to nature. She is a graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. The artist develops an original work. She is first of all a true alchemist, in the Baudelairian sense of the term “I kneaded mud and made gold out of it”. Mimosa Echard makes works of art out of scraps : synthetic, natural foams, hair, lichen… that she combines to create real paintings that underline the ambiguity between the painting and the object. She develops a feminist point of view by using typically feminine materials (contraceptive pills, depilatory wax, capsules, make-up…) which underline the other side of the “decor”. His work is part of an approach that can be described as ecological. Nature is present in the exploration of contact and contamination zones between organic and artificial objects. In a circular economy approach, she knows how to capture the great themes of her time without ever being didactic, she shows but she leaves the interpretation open and respects the freedom and the pleasure of seeing of the viewer.

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