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The artist



Born in 1967 in Sarajevo (BA)

Lives and works in Paris (FR)

Represented by the galleries Michel Rein, Paris (FR) /Brussels (BE), Peter Kilchmann, Zurich (DE)

After an opening in sound containing hints of revolutionary hymns, Maja Bajevic’s light machine emits Morse signals from a jungle of climbing plants, which seem trapped in the contemporary information overload. The coded messages reflect a multi-sourced archive built up by the artist around forgotten utopias: intellectuals like Slavoj Zizek,
Jacques Lacan and Alain Badiou are summoned to substitute the unconscious for the “post-truth” now central to our information system.
This simultaneously futuristic and archaic set-up works as an organic ruin: a wild island abounding with a plethora of aborted political projects.
In the centre of this “bachelor machine”, a screen broadcasts a video-collage where advertising pitches and axioms of science fiction rival each other in imagination. Here the artist reclaims meanings often lost in post-modern society, where official truths are impervious to emancipatory fiction and dreams.

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