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The artist



Born in 1969 in Beirut (LB)

Live and work between Paris (FR) and Beirut (LB)

Represented by the galleries In Situ-Fabienne Leclerc, Paris (FR) ; The Third Line, Dubai (SA) ; CRG Gallery, New York (US)


Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige present artworks deriving from coring, revealing the naturaland human history of our undergrounds, in Paris, Athens and Beirut, three cities omnipresent in the artists’ personal imaginary. Extracted from construction sites and soon meant to disappear, those resculpted core samples underline the invisible remains and transformations of buried cities and of subterranean worlds.
The “unconformities” – temporal ruptures, disasters, regenerations and geological disorders – address the Anthropocene, period which could mark the lasting impact of human action on the environment.
Those sedimentations reveal the constant cycles of construction and destruction, and are similar to palimpsests mixing actions, epochs and civilizations.
The poetic recompositions of the artists question the possible narratives and the representation of our erratic history: digging into the past to explore our present.

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Artiste Joana HADJITHOMAS & Khalil JOREIGE