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Crédit photo : Hugues Lawson-Body

Born 1983 in Bogota (Colombia) – Lives and works in Paris

Represented by the galleries: Perrotin, Paris (FR), New York (US), Hong Kong (HK), Seoul (KR), Tokyo (JP), Shanghai (CN) ; Vermelho, Sao Paulo (BR) ; Albarrán Bourdais, Madrid, Menorca (ES)

Iván Argote became aware of political commitment at an early age, in the revolutionary context of Colombia. His works are marked by this historical awareness, by the culture of protest. Argote understood very quickly that art can play a role in the contestation of social movements through its communicative power. He chooses, not confrontation, but humor, detour, the shift, to arouse the astonishment and questioning of the spectators on the dominant discourses. He uses video, installation and intervention in the public space where he stages himself. His approach is marked by a certain tenderness where the spectator is pushed without necessarily realizing it in his last steps.


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Artiste Iván ARGOTE