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The artist



Crédit photo : Hugues Lawson-Body

Born 1985 in Venice (Italy) – Lives and works in Paris

Represented in France by the Max Hetzler gallery

« Resident at the Villa Medici, Academy of France in Rome (class of 2017-2018) Accademia di belle arti in Venice before moving to Paris where she continues her studies in History of Contemporary Art at the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne and works about the artists of the Leipziger Schule. Artist-researcher, since 2010 she keeps an “atlas”, a kind of diary made of a sum of images and documents: historical archives, still frames, family photos which constitute the matrix of a work in perpetual ramification. Painter and sculptor, Giulia Andreani confronts History with its dependence on the image, pointing out the gaps in the collective memory.»  Galerie Max Hetzler

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Artist Giulia ANDREANI