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Charlotte MOTH

Charlotte MOTH

Crédit photo : Aurélien Mole

Born in 1978 in Carshalton in the United Kingdom
Lives and works in Paris
Represented by : Galerie Marcelle Alix, Paris

Charlotte Moth creates a spatial walk around four sculptures borrowed from the City of Paris. The artist “deterritorialises” these dusty, and once public, plaster and marble sculptures marked by time. An ongoing exploration of the continuity of sculpture in architecture and image occurs through a direct use of space as medium. Responding to the museum’s architecture, she uses a brass disc to reflect light from the ceiling, rebounding it onto the sculptures. This scenario of critical and poetic displacement enables her to reconfigure history: public sculptures, often commemorative and civic in nature, become a pretext for an intimate
reverie consisting of collisions left to the viewer’s imagination. 

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Artiste Charlotte MOTH