2016 MARCEL DUCHAMP PRIZE – Nominated artists

On the 4th of February at ARTCURIAL, Gilles Fuchs, President of the ADIAF, revealed the names of the four artists nominated for the Marcel Duchamp Prize which will be experiencing a major development in 2016.

After 15 editions putting it among the top benchmark national prizes worldwide, the Marcel Duchamp Prize is gaining new momentum thanks to the ADIAF’s strengthened partnership with the Centre Pompidou, in existence since the creation of the prize in 2000.
The prize’s new format, being inaugurated for this sixteenth edition, includes the organization of a group exhibition of the four nominated artists – and not just for the winner as before – to be shown for 3 months in the 650m2 Galerie 4, soon to replace the 315 Space, in the Centre Pompidou

Nominated artists

Born in 1970 in Dugny (Seine-Saint-Denis)
Lives and works in Paris and Berlin
Galleria Continua, San Gimignano Nagel Draxler, Berlin Krinzinger, Vienne Lehmann Maupin, New York.

Born in 1971 in Paris
Lives and works in Tanger and New York
Galerie Polaris, ParisSfeir-Semler, Hambourg et BeyrouthGalerieofmarseillePace London.

Born in 1974 in Karlsruhe, Germany
Lives and works in Paris
Galerie Art: Concept, ParisPilar Corrias, LondonProduzentengalerie, Hamburg.

Barthélémy TOGUO
Born in 1967 in Cameroon
Lives and works between Paris, Bandjoun and New York
Galerie Lelong, Paris.

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