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The Marcel Duchamp Prize in China

HIGH-TENSION Exhibitions – A look at the French scene with eight winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize : Exhibitions in Beijing and Canton, organized by the ADIAF, Association for the International Diffusion of French Art, With the support of the… Learn more

Exhibition A LOOK AT THE FRENCH SCENE: 2016 Marcel Duchamp Prize

Kader ATTIA (born in 1970), winner – Yto BARRADA (born in 1971) Barthélémy TOGUO (born in 1967) Ulla von BRANDENBURG (born in 1974) Curator: Alicia KNOCK A few months after their exhibition in Paris at the Centre Pompidou, the four… Learn more

The Marcel Duchamp Prize, ambassador of the French scene :

4 exhibitions in Europe and Asia over the next few months Honouring some 70 artists since its creation in 2000, the Marcel Duchamp Prize offers a wide panorama of the various trends in contemporary art. The organization of the exhibitions… Learn more

Nominated artists for the 2017 Marcel Duchamp Prize

Maja BAJEVIC Born in 1967 in Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina Lives and works in Paris Represented by : Galerie Michel Rein, Paris/Brussels, Peter Kilchmann, Zurich Joana HADJITHOMAS and Khalil JOREIGE Born in 1969 in Beirut Live and work between Paris and… Learn more