Logo du Prix Marcel DuchampMore than 60 artists offering a very wide vision of contemporary art in France



Thomas Hirschhorn (2000) – Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (2002) – Mathieu Mercier (2003) – Carole Benzaken (2004) – Claude Closky (2005) – Philippe Mayaux (2006) – Tatiana Trouvé (2007) – Laurent Grasso (2008) – Sâadane AFIF (2009) – Cyprien Gaillard (2010) – Mircea Cantor (2011) – Daniel Dewar et Grégory Gicquel (2012)- Latifa Echakhch (2013)- Julien Prévieux(2014), Melik Ohanian (2015).

The MARCEL DUCHAMP PRIZE has been organized in partnership with the Centre Pompidou since its founding in 2000 and with the FIAC since 2005.

The Marcel Duchamp Prize was created in 2000 by the ADIAF. Its ambition is to honour a French artist or artist residing in France, representative of his or her generation and working in the field of the plastic and visual arts: installation, video, painting, photography, sculpture … In keeping with the essential artist after whom it is named, this prize wishes to bring together the most innovative artists of their generation on the French scene and encourage all of the new artistic forms, thereby stimulating creation.

Unique of its kind, this collector’s prize allows a new generation of artists to benefit from a structure which encourages their recognition, gives greater visibility to their works and helps promote their international career. More than 60 artists, winners and nominees have been honoured by the Marcel Duchamp Prize since its launch. They offer a very open vision of contemporary art in France and make up a unique panorama of French creation in all its richness and vitality.

Since its creation, the MARCEL DUCHAMP has been organized in partnership with the Centre Pompidou, the French National Museum of Modern Art, which has chosen to widen its mode of selecting the artists it exhibits by way of the eye of the collector. Since 2005, the FIAC, the Paris International Art Fair, has combined forces with the organizers to offer the selected artists an even bigger showcase while giving them increased visibility with French and overseas collectors.

The Marcel Duchamp Prize in regional France

In their concern for widening the visibility of artists throughout France and in order to communicate the vitality of the French scene, the ADIAF strives to present the artists from the Marcel Duchamp Prize in regional museums. In 2011, the LaM (Lille Métropole musée d’art contemporain) joined forces with the prize and organized an exhibition of the nominated artists for the 11th Marcel Duchamp Prize. In 2013 it has been the city of Libourne and Rouen in 2014. In 2015, it is the city of Nîmes which is hosting an exhibition of the nominated.

The Marcel Duchamp Prize on the International Scene

Since its creation, the ADIAF is mobilized around the aim of raising the profile of the French art scene worldwide. Since the Prize’s 10th anniversary, the association organizes international exhibitions dedicated to the French scene with artists from Marcel Duchamp Prize in partnership or coproduction with overseas museums. The intention of this event, gaining in influence and importance every year, is to highlight the exciting and dynamic contemporary creation in France today.