Logo du Prix Marcel DuchampThe originality of the MARCEL DUCHAMP PRIZE resides in the way the artists are selected as it is the members of the ADIAF’s selection committee, that is to say the collectors, who establish the list of nominated artists. The “selection of artists” is then submitted to an international jury comprised of experts whose opinions carry great weight in the contemporary art world: curators, critics and French and overseas collectors. The artists’ works are presented by reporters chosen by the artists themselves. The Selection Committee and the International Jury are renewed for each Prize.

The result of an exemplary private/public partnership, the Marcel Duchamp Prize mobilizes an art world network as well as recognized critics and experts.


3 month show at the Centre Pompidou for the 4 nominated artists in the “Galerie 4” space,
Publication by the ADIAF of a catalogue devoted to the four artists,
Financial endowment for the winner of 35 000 euros awarded by the ADIAF.