The Marcel Duchamp in Fondation Fernet Branca until the 8th of October 2017

2017 – Fondation Fernet-Branca : Saint Louis/Alsace/Basel

THE MOST FOREIGN COUNTRY : The women artists nominated or winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize

Curator : Alicia Knock
15th of June to 8 of October 2017
Fondation Fernet-Branca : 2, rue du Ballon, 68300 Saint Louis/Alsace

Farah ATASSI (nominated in 2013), Yto BARRADA (nominated in 2016), Maja BAJEVIC (nominated in 2017), Valérie BELIN (nominated in 2004), Carole BENZAKEN (winner in 2004), Rebecca BOURNIGAULT (nominated in 2000),
Valérie FAVRE (nominated in 2012), Joana HADJITHOMAS (nominated in 2017), Valérie JOUVE (nominated in 2002), Charlotte MOTH (nominated in 2017, Zineb SEDIRA (nominated in 2015), Anne-Marie SCHNEIDER (nominated in 2010), Ulla von BRANDENBURG (nominated in 2016).

Located at Saint Louis in Alsace, in 2004 the former distillery of the famous bitter herb liqueur “Fernet Branca” became a leading contemporary art centre in the tri-national cultural network created around Basel in the heart of this symbolic triangle between France, Switzerland and Germany. Organized by the ADIAF on the invitation of its Director Pierre-Jean Sugier, the Fondation Fernet-Branca is hosting the first exhibition dedicated to the women artists honoured by the Marcel Duchamp Prize who have responded to the enthusiastic project imagined by the young curator Alicia Knock.
Private View on the 14th June during the Art Basel fair