Association for the International Diffusion of French Art

Collectors committed to raising the international profile of the French scene

Presided over by Gilles Fuchs, the ADIAF, Association for the International Diffusion of French Art, groups together nearly 400 contemporary art collectors firmly committed to the adventure of creation. Led by private collectors, sponsored by art-patron companies and working in close partnership with public institutions, the ADIAF has set itself the task of helping to raise the international profile of the French scene and developing a sense of contemporary art collecting.
The ADIAF has three main hubs of activity:


Created in 2000, the Marcel Duchamp Prize is one of the most outstanding initiatives of the ADIAF which has established an organization designed to highlight the French artistic scene and make a wider public aware of the creative energy and diversity of its artists. Organized from the beginning in partnership with the Centre Pompidou and endowed with an award of 35 000 euros, it is considered to be one of the most relevant vectors of information about contemporary art in France today and one of the top benchmark national prizes worldwide. Each year, the Marcel Duchamp Prize honours a winner from among four artists working in the field of the plastic and visual arts. More than sixty artists have been nominated to date including fifteen winners.


In the aim of promoting current creation, the ADIAF organizes exhibitions offering an open and wide-ranging panorama of the French scene. Fifty or so exhibitions have been presented in France (Centre Pompidou, FIAC, regional museums) and in several countries: Europe (Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Spain and Portugal), Asia (China, Japan, Korea) and the United States (Los Angeles). Organized around the artists from the Marcel Duchamp Prize as well as works from the Association’s collectors, such as the triennial De leur temps, these exhibitions shed precious light on the current energy and vitality of contemporary art in France as well as on the role played by private collectors. More than forty catalogues have been published for these shows.


The ADIAF also wishes to be a place where lovers of contemporary art find fulfillment and offers its members a great number of events so that they may sharpen their collector’s “eye”: meetings with artists, visits to private collections, exhibition and art fair previews as well as trips in France and abroad.
Among its new activities: the Club Entreprises (Companies Club), the Young Collectors Group and dinners where members meet art world personalities.

Members of the ADIAF’s advisory board
Gilles FUCHS, President
Florence GUERLAIN, Vice President
Claude BONNIN, Executive Vice President
Philippe LHOTTE, Treasurer
Daniel GUERLAIN, Vice Treasurer
Caroline CRABBE, General Delegate
Victoria LE GUERN, Project manager


Claude BONNIN, Business Collector’s program
Serge GALUZ et Bruno RIBEYRON-MONTMARTIN, diner meeting