Founded by artists in1953, the ADAGP represents 133 000 authors worldwide in every field of the visual arts: painting, sculpture, photography, design, comic strips, street art, video art, digital art and architecture… At the core of an international network of 50 sister societies, the ADAGP receives and distributes artists’ royalties, protects them and fights for the improvement in royalty payments.
Today, it is the number one society for authors in the visual arts worldwide.
Mindful of placing creation at the centre of world interest, the ADAGP encourages the creative scene by initiating and/or financially supporting projects that highlight the visual arts and ensure their promotion on a national and international
Because talent must be encouraged especially when it is creative, original and new… Inlex IP Expertise a law firm specialized in intellectual property as well as its assets valuation team, has joined the ADIAF in promoting contemporary art with its support for the Marcel Duchamp Prize.

The auction house ARTCURIAL is happy to support the ADIAF and its promotion of French contemporary art, notably through the Marcel Duchamp Prize, intended to raise the profile of young French artists on the international scene. Each year it hosts the ADIAF during the announcement of the nominated artists.

Engaged in dialogue with key players in the private and public art sector, the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art has represented galleries and defended their interests since 1947. Its partnership with the Marcel Duchamp Prize testifies to the enduring bond between artists, collectors and galleries in their mutual desire to promote French art.

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports people and organizations seeking to learn, perfect, transmit and celebrate the skills and creativity that shape and inspire our lives today, and into the future.
The Foundation operates nine major programmes with a combined focus on skills, creativity and transmission. The Foundation’s unique mix of programs and support is rooted in one single, underlying belief: Our gestures define