The Marcel Duchamp Prize in China

“Your footsteps are the road, for there is no road”

A tour amid the artists of the Marcel Duchamp Prize

26th of April to 23rd of June, 2019, Beijing 

With the support of the French Embassy in China and the Institut français

In the context of the 14th edition of the Croisements Festival.

This third exhibition of the Marcel Duchamp Prize in China proposes a new look at the French scene with 14 winning and nominated artists from the Marcel Duchamp Prize. The curator, Annabelle Ténèze, has chosen works selected through the prism of the road, the notion of displacement, travel and discovery. Taking as the starting point a verse by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado (1875-1939), “Your footsteps are the road, for there is no road”, this project brings together works in which displacement is as much a subject as it is a metaphor.  Accordingly, each work becomes an open, a road to discovery.

Yto BARRADA (nominated 2016), Neïl BELOUFA (nominated 2015), Michel BLAZY (nominated 2008), Mohamed BOUROUISSA (nominated 2018), Ulla von BRANDENBURG (nominated 2016), Mircea CANTOR (laureate 2011), Clément COGITORE (laureate 2018), Latifa ECHAKHCH (laureate 2013), Joana HADJITHOMAS & Khalil JOREIGE (laureates 2017), Camille HENROT (nominated 2010), Bertrand LAMARCHE (nominated 2012), Anri SALA (nominated 2002) and Zineb SEDIRA (nominated 2015).

Curator: Annabelle TÉNÈZE assisted by Daphné MALLET